Crafting Tomorrow: Our Ventures at the Intersection of Innovation and Impact.

Corporate Holiday Ecards

Step into the world of Corporate Holiday Ecards, where first impressions meet lasting digital warmth. Since 2003, we’ve crafted top-tier ecards for businesses, seamlessly viewable on mobile and desktop alike. With a laser-focus on ecards at since 2008, we’ve enhanced client experiences and ventured into diverse ecard verticals. Send a greeting, make an impact!

Automated Greetings

The next evolution in personalized connection. Since 2020, we’ve been harnessing our technologies to ensure every birthday and work anniversary shines a little brighter and on time. Seamlessly blending warmth with automation, our greetings resonate, reminding everyone in your orbit that they’re valued. Dive in, and let’s make every day feel like a special occasion.

Sports League Software

Available for licensing, our  recreational sports leagues management software offers seamless coordination for aspect of the business. Tailored for today’s dynamic sports landscape, our platform empowers leagues to stay organized, players to stay engaged, and provide staff witht he tools they need to run a button-down operation. Be it scheduling, score-keeping, instant communications, dive into a digital experience and partnership that truly makes champions.

Zoning Redefined: Dive into – the ultimate toolkit for urban planners, architects, and policy-makers worldwide. A treasure trove of zoning bylaws and green code insights, we transform complex ordinances into navigable knowledge. Trusted by top-tier professionals, is your blueprint for a well-planned future.

Lead Generation

Collaborative Conquests in Lead Gen: We steer the ship, and our partners row diligently. Handling the comprehensive lead generation operations, we direct a stream of promising leads right to our partners, who then dazzle with their services. Together, we make ripples in the market, ensuring both sides thrive. It’s partnership magic at its finest!

PM Assistant AI

Revolutionizing project maagement! Dive into a seamless integration where AI takes the front seat in your project management journey. Chat with your meeting insights, watch tasks align, and take advantage as we embark on a journey towards our grand vision to spearhead the global PM landscape with unparalleled AI prowess. 

TruStack Consulting

Charting the AI Frontier: With us, AI isn’t just a tech trend, but the heartbeat of modern strategy. Whether you’re a newbie or an aficionado, our consulting bridges the gap, shaping strategies that redefine smart. Ready to sculpt your AI future? We’re your strategic partner on this transformative journey.